• Annual Congress of the Association of European Journalists

    An important meeting

  • Nationwide meeting of Communication Departments

    The first meeting of this kind was held in Szeged

  • Academic visit at the University of Jyväskylä in September

    Seeking research and cooperation opportunities

  • Talk at the IS4IS Conference, Vienna, 2015 June

    Motivation and video games

  • Meeting a war correspondent

    One of most prominent Hungarian war correspondents, Bálint Szlankó gave a talk at the...

  • Communication Prizes for Pupils

    The Eger Directorate of Disaster Management distinguished pupils for fire...

  • Issues in Game Based Pedagogy

    Tamás Pólya participated at a conference on Pedagogy and Games

  • Article of the Year-award

    One of our students, Ms. Héla Ress got an award for her reporting work in the college...

  • Department of Communication and Media Studies